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Appliance Repair FAQ

Have questions about your appliances? Check out common problems many people face and some easy fixes you can do yourself.

Refrigerator Repair

Problem: Refrigerator not cooling
When you notice the temperature in your fridge isn’t what it used to be, you have reason to be concerned. We rely on our refrigerators to keep food cool and to keep it from spoiling, so if the fridge stops cooling, it’s important to take care of it right away.

A number of issues might be causing your fridge to stop cooling. It might have a problem with a thermostat or the refrigerant could be low. It may also be a problem with the main control boards. In our experience, each of these problems occurs at about the same rate.

Rather than look up videos about doing refrigeration repair yourself, contacting an experienced technician to inspect your problem can help identify solutions and fix your fridge in no time.

Problem: Water dispenser not working
Enjoying cold filtered water from your fridge is a luxury people today have become accustomed to in their homes. However, when the dispenser stops working, you might start to worry your refrigerator has larger problems.

It’s important to take this problem in stride and look at the specific part of the fridge that isn’t working – namely, the water dispenser. Some of the most common problems are associated with the water control valve, the reservoir, or the control board.

Although it’s impossible to know the exact problem without a technician taking a look, one part of the fridge that might be the culprit is the filter. Be sure to change it every 6 months. If you’ve already taken this step and are still experiencing problems with your fridge’s water dispenser, contact an experienced appliance repair technician such as those we have at Central One Service!

Problem: Refrigerator ice dispenser not working
Many people have done away with their ice cube trays and opt to use ice dispensers built into their fridges for crisp, cold ice. However, sometimes that part of the refrigerator stops working, leaving users to wonder if going back to the old trays isn’t such a bad idea.

If your ice dispenser is making noise but not producing ice, it’s possible that ice has built up on the bottom of the bucket holding the ice. Make sure you dump out any excess ice to clear out the problem. However, if the ice dispenser does not produce ice and no ice is being made inside of the fridge, you may need to change the filter.

If you have tried either of the troubleshooting methods above and still notice a problem, it might be time to contact one of our professionals.

Problem: Refrigerator is noisy or loud
When you think about your fridge, you don’t typically think of how noisy it is. For the most part, your refrigerator is a soundless appliance. When you start to hear loud noises, however, you may have cause for concern.

Many factors may tie into why your fridge is noisy. Food may be affecting the fan motor and causing it to run less efficiently. It could also be related to loose door hinges or issues with the compressor.

A clear solution is hard to pin down without an inspection from an experienced appliance repair technician. Luckily, Central One Service is here to help in the Little Rock and central Arkansas area!

Other Common Refrigerator Questions

Where is the water filter? How can I get one?
Changing your refrigerator’s water filter can often solve a lot of problems you might find your appliance is having. Contact your manufacturer to find out where to get a filter or go to a big box retailer like Lowe’s or Home Depot to easily replace it.

Do refrigerators contain hazardous materials? Should I be worried?
When parts on a fridge start to break down, people sometimes worry refrigerant will leak out and be harmful to their family. Unless you have large quantities of it, which most fridges don’t have much of, any problems with your appliance will be contained in the unit. That being said, refrigerator repairs should be left to the professionals regardless because it will save you time and money.

Can I charge the refrigerant in my fridge?
Many people who are familiar with appliances might think something like refrigerant is equal to the air conditioning system of their car in that they might think they can charge it up. However, it is possible to critically overcharge a system and lead to more problems with your system.

Although DIY appliance repair videos might say otherwise, it’s best to discuss the problem with one of our technicians and have us inspect your fridge to find the best solution.

Ice Maker Repair

Problem: Thin or hollow ice
Ice from an ice machine should be sturdy, but if you’re finding the ice your ice maker is producing is thinner – almost like slush – or hollow, fixing the appliance may be the route you need to go.

An ice maker producing thin or hollow ice may be the sign of a water filter that needs to be replaced or a plumbing issue.

Changing a filter is an easy solution to try initially. After that, it’s best to contact a plumber to find out what can be done to fix it.

Ice makers can have a number of different problems. Contact Central One Service for appliance repair on your icemaker if the following takes place:

  • Ice maker fails to produce any ice
  • Ice maker makes loud, rattling noises
  • Ice maker won’t shut off, won’t turn on, or won’t seal
  • Ice maker won’t get cold
  • Leaking ice maker
Washing Machine Repair

Problem: Hot/cold inlet hoses leak burst
If the hoses connecting your washer to the hot and cold water inlet bases end up bursting, you might have not only a mess on your hands, but a washing machine that can’t be used. Thankfully, this has both a common cause and an easier solution than other types of appliance repairs you can actually do at home.

If your inlet base hoses burst, that means the hoses you had are worn out.

It is important to change hoses every three years so you avoid a messy clean up from hoses that wear down over time. You can also get the braided stainless hoses – called no-burst lines – to avoid the issue.

Problem: Washer not keeping water warm
Some wash cycles require warm water, but if you find your water isn’t staying warm, it’s easy to see why you might think your washing machine is the culprit.

Contrary to what you may know about washing machines, they don’t have any control over the water temperature. If your washing machine is not keeping water warm, it’s the water system itself and not the appliance that needs help.

You may need a plumber to inspect your water system, such as your water heater, to see if that unit needs fixing or replacing.

Problem: Front load washer won’t drain or spin
Front load washers can have problems you wouldn’t experience with a top load washer, such as problems with it draining or spinning. Just like with inlet hoses, you might end up with a mess on your hands if the problem is not addressed.

The washer filter needs to be cleaned.

If you have an older unit, the filter might be more accessible from the front. If not, a appliance repair technician can change out the filter in your washer, making it good as new.

Other Common Washing Machine Problems

Problem: High-efficiency (HE) washer locked out system.

Use the right detergent for HE washers to avoid the problem!

Many manufacturers keep parts on hand for older machines, so just because your machine is outdated doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. A skilled repairman like the ones we have on hand at Central One Service has access to these parts and can keep older machines running like new longer.

If your problem has not been addressed above, contact us today for help!

Dryer Repair

Most dryer issues will require the skill of an experienced technician. However, one maintenance issue you need to address every year is to clean the vent system pipe annually. Statistics show that 1 of every 3 house fires is caused by a vent system pipe that has not been cleaned out. Not only do you address your dryer’s efficiency issues, such as if your dryer is not holding enough heat, but you improve your home’s safety by not letting lint or other flammable materials build up.

You can buy a DIY cleaning kit and do the work yourself or, to save time and money, contact a professional like those we have at Central One Service.

Oven/Stove/Range Repair

Many people come to us with questions about repairing an oven, stove, or range. The differences between them are minor but often involve the same kinds of repairs. A range, for example, is built into the cabinetry and may have an oven in the lower part of it. A range may also be in the cabinetry without an oven. A stove, on the other hand, is a free-standing appliance that often has an oven, a broiler, or both in the lower portion of the unit.

If you suspect a problem with your oven, range, or stove, contact us immediately for help! Not only will you have our experience on hand to help, but you won’t void the manufacturer’s warranty, which is a common problem that has come out of the DIY videos. People think they can take apart their stove or oven and fix it themselves, but this is not a recommended solution to your problem because the risks involved to damaging your appliance permanently are too great.

Dishwasher Repair

Many dishwasher problems can be addressed with common maintenance, such as running dishwasher cleaner once per year. If you have done this and still find problems with your dishwasher’s performance, contact Central One Service to discuss how we can help!

Many people who try to do appliance repair on their own turn to resources like the Internet or Youtube to find do it yourself (DIY) videos to repair large appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and more.

However, there’s a good chance that you will end up costing yourself more money when repairing your own appliances. Not only do you need to find the right equipment and the right part, but the labor costs (mainly time) can add up to be almost the same price as you would pay for a professional to come make the repairs in half of the time.

At Central One Service, we provide high quality and efficient appliance repairs in the central Arkansas area. We know and understand the common problems you may be facing if you’re looking for someone to repair an appliance and are here to help. With skilled technicians and an abundance of tools on hand, including access to wholesale prices for parts needed to repair your appliances, hiring our skilled team not only gets the job done quickly, but costs you less overall even with labor taken into consideration.

That being said, our family owned and operated appliance repair company knows you are a busy person and can take some preventative steps towards smaller fixes to your appliances. Here are some of the most common repairs you can do yourself as well as what to watch for so you know to contact a skilled appliance repair technician to do the work.

Decades of Appliance Repair Service in Little Rock

For almost 40 years, Central One Service has provided outstanding appliance repair and service in Little Rock and central Arkansas.
You’ll always get fast, friendly service from our expert technicians.

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Little Rock Appliance Repair Specialists

Most home appliance breakdowns are annoying but not an emergency; when it’s the refrigerator it’s different. A refrigerator or freezer malfunction can cause spoilage of hundreds of dollars’ worth of food if cooling is not restored quickly. Count on Central One Service to show up fast when your home refrigerator or freezer melts down, with 24-hour emergency service and the expertise to diagnose and fix your refrigerator or freezer. We’ve got the training and experience to service all makes and models – including built-in and Sub-Zero refrigerator repair – in Little Rock and central Arkansas.

If you’re fed up with having to re-wash the dishes or do them by hand, contact Central One Service for dishwasher repair in Little Rock and the metro area. We’ve got the parts and know-how to repair all the major brands and models.

Hauling laundry to and from the laundromat not only takes a lot of time; it’s also much more expensive than doing laundry at home. When you’ve got a washer or dryer malfunction, getting it fixed quickly saves you the hassle of lugging laundry back and forth to a commercial laundromat. Call Central One Service today for dryer repair and washing machine repair in Little Rock. We’ve got almost 40 years of professional experience providing washing machine and dryer repairs for Little Rock homeowners, and no matter what the make or model is, we’ve got the parts and expertise to get it working again – so you can stop schlepping your laundry around and hanging out at a laundromat instead of at home, where you’d rather be.

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