Bar Cooler Repair in Little Rock, AR

Bar owners, managers, and employees turn to Central One Service, LLC when their refrigeration suffers a breakdown and they need fast, reliable service. Bar coolers are the lifeblood of your business, so every second a piece of refrigeration is down means you are missing out on a significant amount of sales. We can have the problem diagnosed and fixed before the other guys even return your call.

At Central One Service, LLC, our fleet of service trucks are stocked with a large collection of appliance parts and are manned by clean-cut, trained, and experienced technicians. We are familiar with all the major brands and types of commercial refrigeration bar appliances such as:

  • Beverage coolers
  • Wine coolers
  • Ice makers
  • Commercial freezers
  • Back bar coolers
  • Bottle coolers
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Reach-in refrigerators

From rollicking taprooms to humble corner pubs, we have been the single-point solution for commercial bar repair in Little Rock for almost 40 years. As your dedicated business partner, we strive to deliver honest service, fair prices, and 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today to check out your bar refrigeration system!

Common Bar Refrigerator ​Problems

Bar refrigerators keep your patrons coming back for your icy cold, refreshing beverages, which is why you simply cannot let a problem with your refrigeration system go unresolved. Here are some of the most common issues we diagnose and repair:

  • Cooler is not blowing cold air – This is one of the most common issues. If you notice that your refrigeration is still blowing air, but the air is not cold or even that it’s warm, then this could be caused by many issues. These include dirty evaporator coils, malfunctioning evaporator fan, incorrect thermostat, a blocked condenser, or not enough refrigerant. It is best to get a diagnosis from a trained technician.
  • Cooler is not turning on – If the unit is not even operating, it might be a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Sometimes it might be as simple as the cooler accidentally being turned off, unplugged, or it’s an issue with the building’s power altogether.
  • Beverages are frozen – When you open the refrigeration door and find frozen beverages, you run into the problem of unusable inventory and significantly lower taste quality when it is thawed. It could be caused by the temperature control thermostat malfunctioning, which would cause the refrigeration system to run harder and longer than necessary. It might also be a faulty temperature control board. Either of these parts could need replacing.

Any one of these problems may require the help of a trained technician. Contact our team of bar refrigeration repair experts to take a look.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Plan

To avoid disruption of business and unplanned downtime, we recommend having your bar appliances checked regularly by trained professionals like those at Central One Service, LLC. We go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction beyond just a single repair with our comprehensive maintenance program.

During our routine visits, we take painstaking care to detect and diagnose problems in order to fix them before they become emergencies.

Get started today! One of our technicians can tailor fit a preventive maintenance package that includes comprehensive inspections every month, 3 months, 6 months, or annually to suit your needs.

Contact Us For Liquor Store and Bar Equipment Repair!

As a small, family-owned business, we are able to give you personalized attention with every repair. This means returning your call promptly; providing you with a fair estimate; and then getting the job done quickly so that you can keep serving with a smile!

For bar refrigerator repair and maintenance, contact us in Little Rock and surrounding areas, including Cabot, Jacksonville, Sherwood, Maumelle, and North Little Rock.

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