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Appliance Repair in Benton, AR

Most home appliance breakdowns are annoying but not an emergency; when it’s the refrigerator it’s different. A refrigerator or freezer malfunction can cause the spoilage of hundreds of dollars worth of food if cooling is not restored quickly. Count on Central One Service to show up fast when your home refrigerator or freezer melts down, with 24-hour emergency service and the expertise to diagnose and fix your refrigerator or freezer. We’ve got the training and experience to service all makes and models – including built-in and Sub-Zero refrigerator repair – in Benton and Central Arkansas.

If you’re fed up with having to re-wash the dishes or do them by hand, contact Central One Service for dishwasher repair in Benton, AR and the metro area. We’ve got the parts and know-how to repair all the major brands and models.

Hauling laundry to and from the laundromat not only takes a lot of time; it’s also much more expensive than doing laundry at home. When you’ve got a washer or dryer malfunction, getting it fixed quickly saves you the hassle of lugging laundry back and forth to a commercial laundromat. Call Central One Service today for dryer repair and washing machine repair in Benton. We’ve got almost 40 years of professional experience providing washing machine and dryer repairs for Benton, AR homeowners, and no matter what the make or model is, we’ve got the parts and expertise to get it working again – so you can stop schlepping your laundry around and hanging out at a laundromat instead of at home, where you’d rather be.

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