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Commercial walk-in freezer

Walk-In Freezer Repair in Little Rock, AR

Is there a problem with your company’s walk-in freezer? Call Central One Service right away for expert walk-in freezer repair in Little Rock or Cabot. We can fix any type of commercial walk-in freezer:

Indoor walk-in freezers

Outdoor walk-in freezers

Walk-in freezers with top-mounted refrigeration systems

Custom walk-in coolers

Walk-In Freezer Repair Services You Can Trust

As commercial refrigeration professionals in Little Rock, we have an excellent reputation for high-quality work. Our priorities are always customer service, quality, and speed, in that order. No matter how small or complex the repairs are, we always give you 100% of our attention to make sure the problem gets fixed correctly and completely. That way, repairs last, and you can provide the best service to your clients.

Expert Commercial Walk-In Freezer Maintenance

Our certified team is equipped to take care of commercial walk-in freezers of any size. From restaurant freezers and R&D test kitchens to large-scale factory freezers and cold storage areas, we have the expertise needed to keep your walk-in freezer in excellent condition.

An important part of optimal performance for walk-in freezers is scheduling professional preventative maintenance. By choosing our team, your company benefits:

We catch minor issues before they become expensive problems

We provide detailed cleaning for refrigeration systems

Our team performs calibration to ensure accurate temperature adjustments

We use high-quality or OEM parts, so repairs last

Our maintenance services help prevent costly work slowdowns or interruptions

Whether you need emergency walk-in freezer repairs or preventative maintenance, we adapt to your production schedule. Our goal is to get your equipment up and running correctly while causing minimal disruption to your normal activities.

The Signs of Walk-In Freezer Problems

If your walk-in freezer suddenly stops working completely, something is obviously wrong. There are other signs that can alert you to schedule repairs before a total breakdown happens:

Ice or frost buildup

Extreme temperatures

Problems reaching the desired temperature

Tripped circuit breakers on a regular basis

Motor that runs excessively

Emergency Freezer Repairs

At Central One Service, we know that walk-in freezer repairs are especially urgent. For restaurants, day-to-day operations and food safety depend on keeping ingredients properly cooled or frozen. Cold storage systems are often needed by manufacturers to protect thousands or tens of thousands of dollars worth of products and raw materials.

That’s why we’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year, to help. It doesn’t matter if a breakdown occurs during the night shift or in the middle of your busiest times; our team shows up immediately for emergency walk-in-freezer repairs. You can keep your products and profits safe and your customers happy.

The Top Name in Commercial Refrigeration in Little Rock and Abbot

We’ve worked with countless businesses and industries in Little Rock, including foodservice businesses, manufacturing companies, florists, gas stations, hospitals, bars, restaurants, and ice-cream shops. Whether your walk-in freezer has stopped working completely or just isn’t reaching the desired temperature correctly, contact us immediately for assistance.

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