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Appliance Repair and HVAC Warranty

A good warranty policy should give customers continuous peace of mind long past the date of the technician’s visit. At Central One Service, we have you covered!

Our products are high quality, just like the integrity of our repairs and installations. We stand by everything we do, which is why we are happy to provide a flexible labor warranty on all of our work and craftsmanship.* Each home or business situation is unique, so we work with each and every one of our customers to offer labor warranties that will meet their satisfaction.

In addition to an appliance repair labor warranty that extends at least 90 days from the date of the service, we also have an exclusive offering from Goodman® Air Conditioning & Heating. For full system installs, there is a 10-year parts limited warranty AND Central One Service can also provide the added security of a 10-year labor warranty! This means that if your Goodman® HVAC system breaks anytime within the first 10 years of the system’s life, we will fix it— FREE of charge!

At Central One Service, we have no hesitation in offering warranty coverage that can beat any competition in central Arkansas because we believe in the durability of our work. Come see for yourself!

10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on Complete Goodman® System Installs

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of reliability and craftsmanship, which is why we seek out only the best products to help meet our customers’ air efficiency and indoor comfort needs. We trust Goodman® Air Conditioning & Heating to help keep your home or business comfortable, year after year. And Goodman® trusts us! We are proud to have been chosen to become a Premier Goodman® Dealer. This is an exclusive honor, making us the only HVAC company in central Arkansas to offer a 10-year labor warranty on top of the company’s registered 10-year warranty on parts.


  • Customers must purchase a full, matching Goodman® system to be eligible for the 10-year labor warranty
  • Customers must maintain a preventative maintenance contract set forth by Goodman® Air Conditioning & Heating. Learn more about preventative maintenance below!

The 10-year parts warranty is a product of Goodman®, therefore, any authorized service company can complete the work, but only a Premier Goodman® Dealer can have it covered under a labor warranty. Our technicians will provide swift, courteous service to your HVAC system at no cost to you! This means peace of mind for 10 whole years!

Preventative Maintenance Contract

We understand that an HVAC system is a large investment, and the protection of that investment should be taken seriously. Performing preventative maintenance has many benefits ranging from lower utility bills to healthier indoor air quality. Neglecting maintenance will almost certainly lead to a decline in the performance of your HVAC system.

Goodman® wants to help! The heating and AC company has set forth certain requirements for preventative maintenance to ensure the long life of your system. In order for the warranty to take effect, you must be able to provide documentation that you have upheld your end of preventative maintenance. This is where we come in!

Central One Service offers a Standard Preventative Maintenance Plan, but for those who have a full Goodman® system, we highly suggest our Premier Maintenance Plan. This plan is specifically designed to meet the standards of Goodman®, which asks for confirmation that certain parts of the system have been maintained to the best of your ability.

One of our technicians will come out to you twice a year to check system components, such as the outdoor condenser coil, the fan motor, the refrigerant, and other parts. We will also perform a chemical washing of the evaporator and condenser to help you meet Goodman’s® requirements. The Standard Preventative Maintenance Plan only covers a basic water wash of the condenser.

Once finished, we will record our observations and keep them on file—ready for you should you ever need to take advantage of your parts or labor warranty.

Why should you have a Premier Goodman® Dealer, like Central One Service, do this for you? Because we have extensive knowledge of Goodman® products and of the system as a whole. We can ensure everything runs at optimal capacity so that your comfort never has to suffer.

Contact us to learn more about our unbeatable warranty policy or to schedule your appointment today!

*Some exclusions may apply.

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