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Dryer Not Heating? Learn What To Do

Dryer Not Heating? Here Are 3 Things To Do

If your dryer isn’t getting hot, you may be dreading the idea of making a service call. You don’t have to worry, however! The appliance repair experts at Central One Service are here with three things you can do before calling us for repairs.

Unclog Your Dryer Vent

A clogged vent is the number one cause of a dryer not heating. To see if this is the cause of your dryer not getting hot:

  1. Start a timed dry on the highest heat level available on your dryer.
  2. Give the dryer a few minutes to heat up, then go to its outdoor exhaust vent.
  3. Use your hand to check the airflow. There should be very warm air coming from the vent, and it should be flowing quickly.
    If it isn’t, your vent may need to be unclogged or cleaned. This is an easy fix, and you can get a start on it yourself using the hose extension on your vacuum cleaner.

Check Your Electrical Settings

Take a look at your dryer’s electrical and gas hookups to make sure nothing is obviously wrong with them. Most dryers also have thermal fuses that trip if they get too hot. If the thermal fuse on your dryer has blown, your dryer will run, but it won’t produce any heat. You can check it yourself with a multimeter or call us to check it for you.

Flip Your Circuit Breakers

Dryers are connected to a pair of 120-volt breakers, not just one of them. Check your breaker panel to make sure that both of them are fully in the correct position. You may want to physically press them back into place, just for good measure.

There are many reasons why your dryer may not be getting hot. If you’ve done these steps and still don’t have heat, call Central One Service at (501) 940-9095 for all your dryer repair needs in Little Rock and Central Arkansas or request service online.

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