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How To Fix a Refrigerator Making Noise

It is essential to understand that all refrigerators produce some gentle noise when in use, which is perfectly normal. However, it’s alarming to hear unfamiliar or loud noises from your fridge. While there are some normal fridge sounds you shouldn’t worry about, others like squealing indicate a severe problem. In cases of strange sounds, you may attempt to resolve the issue yourself or call for professional help. Nevertheless, remember that trying a DIY repair on your fridge could invalidate its warranty. Here are a few Central One Service experts’ tips on fixing your noisy fridge.

Quick Tips at Home You Can Do to Fix a Refrigerator Noise

The first step should be to listen carefully and determine the source of the noise. Find out whether it’s coming from the fridge’s back, bottom, or interior. More importantly, ensure you disconnect your fridge before trying to fix anything.

  • Secure the Drain Pan

The loud noise from your fridge’s bottom indicates a loose drain pan. Unscrew the lower back panel and remove the drain pan. Secure it well back in place to reinstate your fridge to normalcy.

  • Listen and Check for a Faulty Defrost Timer

Ticking or scraping sounds indicate that there could be a functionality problem with the defrost timer. Look out for frost buildup in the fridge and freezer compartments. If there is, this is a sign of a faulty defrost timer. The easy solution would be to replace the timer to restore your fridge to normal functioning.

  • Check the Fridge Compressor

The compressor is essential to refrigerator performance. Normally, compressors produce gentle humming sounds as a sign of good performance. In case of loud noise from the condenser, attempt troubleshooting by unplugging the condenser fan’s motor, then plug it in to see if the loud noise stops. If the noise continues, the compressor might be faulty. Since the compressor is a critical part of the refrigerator, we do not recommend DIY repairs. Seek the professional assistance of fridge repair experts to scrutinize the problem further.

  • Listen and Look for any Obstruction in one of the Refrigerator’s Two Fans

A knocking sound indicates that either the condenser or evaporator fan is obstructed. Listen carefully to identify where the sound is coming from. If it’s coming from the fridge’s bottom, open the rear access panel in the back of the refrigerator and look for anything blocking the condenser fan blades.

However, if the noise is inside the fridge, there could be an obstruction on the evaporator fan. Unplug the refrigerator and open the evaporator fan cover. Please inspect for any debris or wires blocking the smooth running of the evaporator fan. If you are experiencing problems doing so, call our team of Central One Service experts.

When It’s Time to Call a Professional

Occasionally, troubleshooting following the tips above can be of tremendous help. However, you need to take the guesswork out of your repairs and call professional appliance experts near you. Please contact us for all your residential and commercial refrigeration repair and installation needs in Little Rock and Central Arkansas.

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