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Is It Okay To Put Styrofoam in a Microwave?


Using a microwave to reheat food is fast and convenient. Most takeout food items and restaurant leftovers are often packed in a plastic container known as Styrofoam. For most people, using Styrofoam in the microwave for reheating restaurant leftovers saves time and does away with dishwashing.

Most Styrofoam containers, however, are not safe to be put in a microwave for health and safety concerns. Other Styrofoam containers, when heated, can cause food or drinks to spill over into the microwave, thus damaging the appliance. 

That said, when your microwave malfunctions due to Styrofoam in the microwave, you need it repaired as soon as possible. Central One Service is Arkansas’ number one choice regarding professional appliance repair. We repair your appliances quickly and efficiently since our certified technicians have vehicles fully stocked with parts to perform most appliance repairs. We also provide round-the-clock emergency appliance repair at a fair price and offer military and senior discounts.

What Is Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a type of expanded polystyrene foam. It is a petroleum-based product where Styrene is refined by polymerization to form polystyrene. This product is 95% air, making it lightweight and effective in food containers such as coffee cups. Styrofoam is also an FDA-approved product to be used as a food container for packaging cold or hot food items. However, before putting that Styrofoam in the microwave, you must understand the risks involved.

Can You Microwave Styrofoam?

Although the FDA approved Styrofoam as safe to package hot or cold food items, not all foam containers are microwave-safe. Using Styrofoam in a microwave can produce harmful chemicals, causing health concerns.

Beware of Reheating Containers

Some Styrofoam containers, when microwaved, may crack or break, which may damage the microwave oven. Others leach chemicals into the food when they are exposed to heat, which poses health and safety concerns. When exposed to heat, some reheating containers may melt, leading to food or drinks spilling into the microwave. This can cause microwave damage. There are safer materials made of Styrofoam that are FDA-approved and okay to use in a microwave.

What to Do When Appliances Get Damaged from Reheating or Cooking?

When appliances get damaged, most people think of replacing them. However, in most cases, these appliances can be repaired. Repairing instead of replacing appliances saves you money. Central One Services LLC offers certified repair services to residents of Arkansas at customer-friendly prices.

We work around the clock at no extra charge to ensure that when your appliance malfunctions, we are there for you in the shortest time possible. By having our repair vehicles loaded with parts, we can take care of 90% of all repair services on-site. 

Having Issues with Your Appliances? Call Central One Service

Central One Services LLC of Arkansas has you covered if your microwave is acting up. With over 40 years of appliance repair experience, we understand our customers’ needs. Our pocket-friendly prices are unbeatable, including a 10% Off First Service to our esteemed clients. 

Contact us now and let us be of service.

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