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Same Day Appliance Repairs

Same Day Appliance Repair

When an appliance breaks, it puts a strain on your day-to-day chores. When a refrigerator or freezer malfunctions, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food or refrigerated medication. Central One Service is equipped with thousands of dollars in parts on each service vehicle, along with a large shop stocked with parts to get your appliances repaired as quickly as possible. We are equipped to get the job done in one visit.

Appliances do not have an “industry standard” on parts, so each model usually takes specific parts, making it impossible to stock every part on the market. Central One Service has accounts with the world’s largest parts distributors, and because we purchase so many parts, we are able to get parts shipped to us usually within a one or two day time periods to get your appliances back online as soon as possible. We get free shipping on all part orders as a result of these distributor relationships and pass the savings on to our customers. Part orders are placed every day, regardless if it’s one part or fifty parts. in order to get our customers’ appliances repaired as quickly as possible.

Central One Service is dedicated to accurately diagnosing the appliance problem, installing the failed part, and getting the appliance back up and running as quickly as possible so our customers can get back to their normal routines.

Same Day Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Arkansas summers are extremely hot, and a broken air conditioner can make living in your home unbearable. Central One Service stocks thousands of parts on each of our service vehicles to get your air conditioning system cooling down your home and making your family comfortable.

On average, Central One Service is able to fix 90% of air conditioning problems during our first visit to your home. From a refrigerant issue, electrical issue, mechanical issue, or maintenance issue, we have the parts and expertise to get your air conditioning running in no time. If you are not comfortable in your home due to poor air conditioning, let our experienced team evaluate your system and fix the problem.

Central One Service vehicles are equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose your system’s problem, and with our large inventory in parts, your family will be able to sleep comfortably. Central One Service knows that air conditioning systems do not break Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm, so we offer emergency 24-hour service. Our team also has the ability to open up numerous parts distributors after hours if your system needs a part that we do not have in stock on one of our service vehicles, allowing us to fix your problem as quickly as possible.

In the case of a major failure, Central One Service has portable air conditioning systems we loan out to customers until we are able to obtain a specialty part or new equipment to complete the repair. By doing this, our customers can stay in their homes and avoid staying with family or friends or getting a hotel room, which can be expensive.

Don’t wait for other companies to diagnose your system and come back a day or two later with the parts to fix your system. Give Central One Service a call and we will get your system back in working order as quickly as possible!

Arkansas winters can be downright freezing. Central One Service has a large stock of heating parts in order to get your heat back up and running as quickly as possible. Regardless of what kind of heating system you have in your home, Central One Service technicians are trained and have the expertise to diagnose and repair your heating system using state of the art tools for diagnostic and repair.

In the event of a major failure that requires specialty parts or a new furnace to be installed, Central One Service has space heaters that we loan to customers to help keep them warm while we obtain the parts or equipment necessary to resolve your problem.

Same Day Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Refrigeration failures can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost product and sales. Central One Service has a large selection of replacement parts on each service vehicle to get your refrigeration systems back online as fast as possible. Central One Service is able to fix 90 – 95% of commercial refrigeration breakdowns during the first visit.

In the event of a major part failure, Central One Service has numerous distributors that we can use to locate the closest replacement part to repair your refrigeration system. If the part has to be ordered, we have the ability to overnight ship the parts to get the refrigeration system back up as quickly as possible. Central One Service also offers immediate 24-hour emergency service if your refrigeration equipment malfunctions after normal business hours.

Call Central One Service today for preventative maintenance on your refrigeration equipment or to repair any refrigeration equipment that has malfunctioned to avoid costly product and sales losses to your business!

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