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Same Day, Next Day Service Appointments

The business and employee structure at Central One Service is designed for the same day, next day appointments. During the busy season, most companies are scheduling appointments up to a week away, but not us! Central One Service has operated with this structure since the business was founded in 1977.

Whether you have an appliance, HVAC or refrigeration issue we make it a priority to make your appointment the same day or next day!

We understand that heating and air conditioning failures can make living in your home unbearable. Commercial refrigeration equipment failures can cost thousands of dollars in lost product and sales for businesses. Failure of residential appliances, such as refrigerators, can cost hundreds of dollars in spoiled food and can even be life-threatening if our customers use medication that is required to be refrigerated. Central One Service makes it a point to get each customer scheduled for a technician to arrive and diagnose, repair, and resolve these problems on the same day or following day from your initial phone call.

Central One Service is committed to completing your repairs on the first visit to your home or business. Call Central One Service today to get on our schedule for the same day or next day appointments!

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