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What To Do When a Washing Machine Won’t Drain

Is your washing machine not draining properly? If so, there can be various reasons that keep water from leaving the drum. With troubleshooting, you can find the problem and get your washing machine back on track. Let’s look at some of the common reasons a washing machine won’t drain and what you can do to fix it. Some issues may require a professional’s expertise, and when that happens, our pros at Central One Service will be happy to help with your appliance repair.

How to Fix a Washing Machine That Won’t Drain

If your clothes come out soaking wet, and there’s a pool of water at the bottom of your washing machine’s drum, it probably isn’t draining correctly. Here are some things to try to get the water to drain.

Perform a Master Reset

One simple fix is to perform a master reset on your washing machine. Unplug your washer for at least a minute. Plug it back in and quickly open and close the lid six times in less than 12 seconds. This sequence works on most washing machines, and it communicates to the computer that it needs to reset. Try draining the machine to see if it worked.

Check the Lid Switch Assembly

Top-loading washing machines have a safety feature that only allows them to drain if the lid is closed and locked. If this part isn’t functioning correctly, your washing machine may not be draining. Use your finger to press the lid switch. If it starts to drain, the switch is OK. If it doesn’t, you may need to have it replaced.

Check the Drain Hose 

There’s a drain hose on the back of your washing machine that drains all the water from the drum when a cycle is complete. If it’s kinked, water can’t pass through, and it’ll settle at the bottom of the drum, which is why your washer is not draining. Give the drain hose a quick check to see if it’s bent or kinked, and straighten it out. If the problem is a kink, it should work once the drain is straightened out.

Check for Clogs

The drain hose and pump can get clogged with debris or small clothing items like socks. Until the clog is removed, your washer won’t drain properly. To see if the drain system is clogged, you’ll have to remove the front panel. Before doing this, you may want to remove as much of the water in the drum as possible. Once you open up the drain system, any water inside will drain out onto the floor, making a humongous mess.

Know When It’s Time to Schedule Washing Machine Repair

Some washing machine problems require the help of an experienced repairman. If you’ve done some troubleshooting and still can’t find why your washing machine is not draining, it’s time to enlist the help of a pro. We’ve seen it all, and we can quickly diagnose and treat the issue, so your washing machine is up and running again quickly.

Contact Central One Service for Dryer and Appliance Repair 

If your washing machine isn’t draining properly and you can’t find the source of the problem, Central One Service in Little Rock Arkansas today. Our family-owned company knows how important it is to have a working washer and dryer. Our experienced maintenance specialists can fix your washer in no time to keep up with your family’s laundry routine. You’ll receive 10% off your first service when you schedule today.

We look forward to working with you.

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