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Why is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Freezer and Fridge not Cooling? You reach into the fridge for your favorite chilled beverage, only to find it’s lukewarm. What’s wrong with the refrigerator? Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to a fridge cooling malfunction. Refrigerators are becoming ever more complex pieces of equipment and there are a number of issues that can cause your refrigerator to not cool sufficiently.… Read More »Why is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Where To Donate Appliances

What happens when your refrigerator stops working? Do you just toss it away? Not anymore! With Central One Service, we’ll send someone out to your home to inspect your appliance, diagnose the problem and then repair it or donate it to charity. You won’t pay anything upfront; the cost is paid upon completion of the work. If you’d like us… Read More »Where To Donate Appliances

What To Do if Your Dryer Smells Like Burning

Clothes dryers have heating elements that can get to around 135 degrees Fahrenheit to vaporize the water in your clothes. They are handy for doing laundry throughout the seasons. However, while most brands can last long without developing issues, breaking down is inevitable. One of the most common issues dryer owners encounter is a burning smell as the dryer is… Read More »What To Do if Your Dryer Smells Like Burning

Is It Okay To Put Styrofoam in a Microwave?

Introduction Using a microwave to reheat food is fast and convenient. Most takeout food items and restaurant leftovers are often packed in a plastic container known as Styrofoam. For most people, using Styrofoam in the microwave for reheating restaurant leftovers saves time and does away with dishwashing. Most Styrofoam containers, however, are not safe to be put in a microwave… Read More »Is It Okay To Put Styrofoam in a Microwave?

How To Fix a Refrigerator Making Noise

It is essential to understand that all refrigerators produce some gentle noise when in use, which is perfectly normal. However, it’s alarming to hear unfamiliar or loud noises from your fridge. While there are some normal fridge sounds you shouldn’t worry about, others like squealing indicate a severe problem. In cases of strange sounds, you may attempt to resolve the… Read More »How To Fix a Refrigerator Making Noise

Same Day Appliance Repairs

Same Day Appliance Repair When an appliance breaks, it puts a strain on your day-to-day chores. When a refrigerator or freezer malfunctions, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food or refrigerated medication. Central One Service is equipped with thousands of dollars in parts on each service vehicle, along with a large shop stocked with parts to get… Read More »Same Day Appliance Repairs

Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Cleaning?

You open your dishwasher to find a plate with stuck-on remnants of last night’s lasagna or yesterday morning’s scrambled eggs, or you find glasses with bits of dried-on … stuff.  Why isn’t the dishwasher doing its job? There are several possible reasons why your dishwasher isn’t getting dishes as clean as it should, and most of the fixes are easy DIY projects.… Read More »Why Isn’t My Dishwasher Cleaning?

Why is My Washer Leaking?

You walk into the laundry room and find a pool of water around your washing machine.  Obviously there’s a leak, but where? There are several areas where leaking can occur in and around a washing machine.  Some of these can be fixed by a reasonably handy person with the right tools; others of them can be aggravating for anyone other… Read More »Why is My Washer Leaking?